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At this moment the stretch wrapping foil is dominating the pallet packaging market.  Stretch wrapping foil has to be turned under tension around the pallet.  With the help of its memory, the foil tries to get back its original form.  By doing this the pallet is being held together strongly.  This type of pallet packaging can be done manually either machinally.

Another way of pallet packaging is using a shrink hood.  Here a plastic hood with a size a bit larger than the pallet is sliced over the pallet.  When done the foil needs to be heated in order to shrink.  By shrinking  the foil, the goods are strongly kept together onto the pallet.  This type of packing can be done manually (but you still need a heater of course) either on fully automated lines.

Since more than 10 years a new type of pallet packaging has been developped.  This new packaging technology was possible thanks to narrow cooperation between packaging machine constructors and polyolefin manufacturors.  The result is a revolutionary packing way having the pallet packed hermetically, strongly, cheaply and fastly.

In this site you will find everything you need to know about stretch hood packaging!

In the "HOW?" section we explain with the aid of illustrations how the machine is exactly working.  It is also possible to download a video of a stretch hood line in action !

In the "ADVANTAGES" section we sum up all the pros of stretch hoods.  You will also find a comparison table between shrink hoods, stretch wrapping foil and stretch hoods.

In the "STRETCH FOIL" section we will explain Plastic Union's top  quality stretch hood foil.  Equiped with the latest technology and with fully dedicated and integrated extrusion lines the MEVASTRETCH foil garanties the highest productivity of your stretch hood line !  Please fill in the request form and Plastic Union will give you its best quotation for top quality mevastretch tubular foil !

In the "MACHINES" section we give more details about potential machine suppliers.  Please fill in the machine request form of this page.  You'll then be put directly in contact with world's main stretch hood machine suppliers !