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strech hood TOPflex

stretch hood film



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Plastic Union is the European specialist in the production of stretch hood tube. On his specialised high-tech extrusion equipment it is producing 5 types of stretch hood film.

MEVASTRETCH : is an allround stretch hood film. It's high rigidity guarantees high holding force. It is mostly used for standard applications.

TOPflex : is characterised by a very high elasticity, combined with a high memory of the film. The film has also excellent optical properties. The film can be modulated on specific properties, resulting in 3 subcategories

TOPflex LS : for high holding force on the pallet, for operation in warm countries

TOPflex MS : this film has the best balance between high holding force and good processability on the stretch hood machine. It maintains its properties in a wide temperature range and has a high puncture resistance

TOPflex HS : for applications where puncture resistance is very important. The film can also be used in very cold temperatures.

ULTRAflex : this film has an extreme stretcheability range with an exhausting memory. It's often used when 1 film size has to pack many pallet sizes going from the simple to the triple in size. The film has also excellent mechanical and optical properties.


Plastic Union guarantees the maximum rentability of your stretch hood line.  You may have the best packaging line, if you don't have an appropriate foil working on the line you'll be fed up by many machine stops, having to put away the stretch hood and repack. This means many expensive manual operations and a loss of tubular stretch hood foil.  If you are operating at the full capacity of the line, you'll moreover experience a bottleneck in your manufacture and eventually block operations before the stretch hood packaging ...

Plastic Union can also optimize your stretch hood film dimensions in order to have the maximal holding force with the minimum of film consumption. Indeed it is not the initial thickness of the film that is important, but the combination of the optimal film size, film thickness and film quality. Feel free to contact our company for an analysis and optimal film proposal.

Buying your stretch hood film at Plastic Union is buying quality. Quality which guarantees the highest productivity and a perfectly strongly packed pallet unit !

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