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(to go immediatly to the machine request form, please  click on the form or mail button.


There are different machine suppliers for stretch hood lines.  As for every product each brand and type has its own possibilities, performances and prices.

Depending on your needs and your products to pack you should be able to find the most appropriate line for your business.  By filling in the machine request form (see buttons left and beneath) your demand will be transferred directly to different manufacturers and they will contact you in order to transfer you the necessary information.

If you don't want to be conctacted by too many manufacturers, please add in comment what you expect from us (one contact, only best performance ...).  If you want you can also contact us directly get our opinion ! As we are delivering tubular stretch hood foil to many customers having different models from different constructors we can also advice you with the information received from them.

Please click on the form button for your demand :